by Young Luck

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Home recorded with the Donkey in Donkey Den Studios out of the Carolina's. Mixed and mastered by Ian Pritchard in New York.

We put a lot into these songs and we're proud how they've come out. Thanks to our great friends in Future Primitive for the gear share, helping us track, and for shows we'll keep playing with one another.



released July 29, 2014

We would like to thank:

Ian Pritchard of Poison Oak
Daniel "Donkey Gordham" Gorham
Ben Roberts
Cameron Phipps
Billy Sours
The Raised on Shred Shed
No Reception (RIP)
Random Holiday
Forever Losing Sleep


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Young Luck North Carolina

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Track Name: Blind
Throw me away, I am no good. Nothing inside, i'm empty. How can I see when I can't feel anything underneath?
No love, no pain, no joy, no misery. I am blind. I can't find emotion. I am blind. I can't find myself. I am blind. How
can I see when I can't feel? What makes me so unworthy? I want to know what keeps me numb from everything.
No pride, no guilt, no envy.
Track Name: Spilled
Pieces scattered in the dirt and gravel, that's all that's left of me, impossible to gather. In pieces, you know the
whole don't last forever. Carried by the wind, and I can't put it back together. Grief crept up and did this to me,
took me away. I felt my wounds open wide, spilled all of my pieces.
Track Name: Revive
I felt the cold bite away my fingertips, so I clenched my fist, and watched the colors fade away. I wasn't numb,
no, I felt it up my spine. A shiver so sweet, I felt alive. For all the good it does me, I don't know where I stand.
I feel embarrassed for myself cause I don't know where I belong. I was dead inside your hardened heart to
blame. Had hopes to make you change your mind for me, but your cold-as-ice goodbye has set me free, and
I felt, no I feel alive. So never mind whatever tries to guide you back to me, it's a waste of time. Trade me in,
for a better life; one without mistakes, 'cause this one's mine.

And I felt, no I feel alive. Been a while since I have felt alive. I feel so-

I feel alive.
Track Name: Tilt-Shift (Acoustic)
I watched the world through a window. I tried to place myself there, too, but when I'm alone, I feel at home.

I stared at everybody to see what I should copy, but when I'm alone, I feel at home.

I looked around for something to fill this empty feeling but when I'm alone, I feel at home.

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